A happy helping of PENNY & JELLY from Maria Gianferrari and a GIVEAWAY

Penny & Jelly

Take note, picture book lovers: There’s a new book in town. And you could win a copy. It’s PENNY & JELLY: SLUMBER UNDER THE STARS by the wonderful Maria Gianferrari who is so busy writing books she hasn’t had much time to slumber under the stars or anywhere else. We’ll …

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What a Beautiful Book

Arthur Levine’s new picture book, What a Beautiful Morning, illustrated by Katie Kath, launches on August 8. It is a stellar example of treating a story concerning a serious issue with tenderness and joy. Full disclosure; this review may be biased for a couple of reasons. First of all, I consider Arthur a …

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Thank You and Good Night: In Praise of Classic Bedtime Stories

Thank You and Good Night by Patrick McDonnel

Our son Jackson graduated from high school on Saturday. Cause for celebration, yes, but it also has me feeling a bit nostalgic. I love, respect and admire this young man who towers over me, and love that we can have adult conversations about all sorts of things—from news headlines to …

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MY TWO BLANKETS is warm and wonderful

blanket cover 2

“My Two Blankets”, written by Irena Kobald and illustrated by Freya Blackwood is a rewarding blend of a lovely story and brilliant illustrations. I picked this book to chat about because I wanted to point out Freya Blackwood’s super smart illustration decisions. In this book, published in this country by Houghton …

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Ollie and Claire, the Perfect Pair!


Say hello to Ollie and Claire, buddy story extraordinaire, by Tiffany Strelitz Haber, illustrated by Matthew Cordell (Philomel, 2013). Hello, Ollie. Hello, Claire. But, no. I’m saying it wrong, because these two do everything together every day. Hello, OllieandClaire. Here’s how Tiffany Strelitz Haber introduces them: “Ollie and Claire were a …

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