Smitten with a chicken named, “Peggy”— (and Rabbi B Giveaway Winner(s) Announced!)

“Peggy”, subtitled, “A Brave Chicken on a Big Adventure” Sometimes you just fall in love… and I am smitten with a chicken. I’m speaking about the delightful picture book, Peggy, written and illustrated by Australian, Anna Walker, published by Clarion.

Herman & Rosie – Two for the Show (plus an interview with Gus Gordon)

Even though hundreds of character-driven picture books are published every year, great ones are still a relatively rare thing. They need a likable/relatable main character, a compelling story, emotional resonance, a distinctive voice, etc., etc., etc. It’s only occasionally that lo, those many elements magically mesh to create something special. …

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Retelling A Classic Fairy Tale

Fairy tales and folktales are favorites to many, and for some (myself included) they’re what made us fall in love with storytelling from a very young age. They’re often beautiful, haunting, mesmerizing; sometimes bizarre and confounding. One of my favorites is Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Steadfast Tin Soldier”. The protagonist, …

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Book Birthday and a Giveaway!

  Welcome, Rabbi Benjamin’s Buttons! I just got to celebrate a book birthday. Rabbi Benjamin’s Buttons, written by Alice B. McGinty, published by Charlesbridge Publishing, launched just a month ago. Books take so darn long to make ( I was offered the manuscript on my own birthday,  in October, 2011), holding the finished …

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