Good Night Little Bookstore 📚

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that my woman-owned, local, independent, kids’ bookstore owner thrust a copy of Good Night Little Bookstore, written by Amy Cherrix and illustrated by E.B. Goodale, into my hands saying,

‘I love this book, of course I would because I own a bookstore, but I would have loved it anyway— see what you think?

I loved it, too.

It’s a tall and skinny book feeling to me like a book on a bookshelf. The sing-song lyrics take the reader through the steps of closing a small bookshop for the evening. Saying goodnight, to each tiny contributor and including the reader as part of this intimate heart of the community. The font is simple, sans-serif, and bold. The warm toned illustrations lushly fill each page with pattern and detail. The titles of the books on the shelves include both older and newer classics— a nod to the nostalgia and importance of picture books in our lives. 

The structure reminded me of goodnight moon. But I suppose it would be hard not to make that connection. I enjoyed the introduction of wordplay and sounds. 

Good Night Little Bookstore lovingly portrays the importance of our small businesses and bookstores in our lives at the same time it recognizes and reinforces the importance of books to all of us. What is not to love about that?

And, by the way, the bookstore owner that I mentioned owns Sidekick Coffee and Books. If you are in the Iowa City area you must stop in. If you are not local, then perhaps a trip to Iowa City is in order someday? Not only does this special indie kid bookstore passionately support kids’ literature, they support Picture Book Builders as well! 

Thank you, to ALL independent booksellers and bookstores. 📚 

You always have been, and always will be, a meaningful part of our lives and our communities. 

And we are very, very grateful for you!

Jennifer Black Reinhardt

Jennifer is the illustrator and author of several acclaimed picture books. Most recently is Always by My Side, 'A Stuffie Story', which she wrote and illustrated. She also is both the author and illustrator of Playing Possum, and Blue Ethel. Jennifer illustrated Gondra’s Treasure, written by Newbery award winner Linda Sue Park. As well as, Sometimes You Fly, by Newbery medalist, Katherine Applegate. She illustrated Yaks Yak, Animal Word Pairs by Linda Sue Park, The Inventor's Secret, What Thomas Edison Told Henry Ford, by Suzanne Slade, Rabbi Benjamin's Buttons, by Alice B. McGinty, and The Adventures of a South Pole Pig, by Chris Kurtz.


  1. This looks lovely! And immediately reminded me of Goodnight Moon. Thanks for featuring it.

  2. I love independent book stores! I can’t wait to get a copy of this book! In May, I had a book event at Sidekick Coffee and Books. They were so friendly and welcoming! I’d highly recommend them!

  3. Sheri Delgado Preston

    Sweet, lovely rhyme, all about books, yay! Love this book!

  4. Hmmmmm? Coffee AND books?! Congratulations to Amy and it sounds like a trip to Iowa City should be in my future!

  5. This book looks so delightful and charming! Love it. Thanks for the post!

  6. Oh, I love it! That final page is great too, where everyone is reading a book! Fun!

  7. Whenever I’m in a new place, I usually make it a priority to check out the indie bookstores. Powells and The Last Bookstore are my favorites, but there are so many others that are more intimate and cozy.

    I’m surprised no one has ever done this type of parody of Good Night, Moon. It’s fabulous! Will add the book and the visit to Iowa City to my list. Thanks for the rec!

  8. This book looks wonderful not just because of the illustrations, but because it shows a love for books, reading and independent bookstores. Changing Hands is my favorite bookstore and hangout. I make it a habit to visit bookstores and libraries when I travel. They are wonderful respites. This book is too.

  9. What a GREAT concept and creation! Someone already said this but, “Yes! It has the gentleness of Good Night, Moon.” 🙂

  10. This looks wonderful! I also love seeing all the “Easter eggs” of what the imaginary book titles are and what they nod at. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  11. This is so lovely! We have several small indie bookstores, each with its own personality. I’m sure they’ll all be stocking Goodnight Little Bookstore. Thank you, Jen, for showcasing it. And how wonderful that your bookstore has a PBB area!!! So fun!

  12. Simply lovely.

  13. This sounds wonderful! And LOVE that BRAINSTORM! is included on that book display! 🙂

  14. Such a gorgeous book! I lingered over every page. I love the illustrated picture book on the shelf entitled Courageous Eileen. Ha!

  15. Such a lovely book! I love the display of Picture Book Builder books.

  16. This looks soooo warm and lovely, Jennifer! Will need to SEE this one!

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