A Day for Rememberin’ by Leah Henderson

Lately, I’ve been reading picture books about “hidden history” as research for a manuscript that I’ve been struggling with. These books cover historical people and events that have been left out of school history books, often deliberately and usually because they involve people of color. Leah Henderson’s moving A DAY …

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TEN BEAUTIFUL THINGS is one beautiful book

Sometimes, life is hard. And, when it is, remembering that there are lovely things alongside the hard ones can be helpful. Not that that’s easy to do when you’re sick, sad, scared or angry. That’s one reason why TEN BEAUTIFUL THINGS by Molly Beth Griffin and Maribel Lechuga (Charlesbridge, 2021) …

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Two terrific summer titles

Summer books

I always find it interesting when similar picture books are released by different authors working with different publishers around the same time. So much of writing and book creating is solitary, so it’s kind of remarkable when different bookmakers end up making similar stories with similar themes — even though …

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