Welcome Mike Boldt!

The Picture Book Builders blog has a new picture book writer and illustrator joining us this summer, so get ready, because it’s . . .
If you’re not yet familiar with Mike’s work, you are in for a treat. A few of his own books include 123 VERSUS ABC, COLOR VERSUS SHAPE, and his newest, A TIGER TAIL (OR WHAT HAPPENED TO ANYA ON HER FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL), and he’s also the illustrator for the hilarious and adorable I DON’T WANT TO BE A FROG series, written by Dev Petty.

One of the things I love (and totally envy) about Mike’s work is his expressive and unique characters. Mike can take an inanimate object–a number, a color, even a bunch of underwear–and give it personality (and he has!). His children characters are some of my favorites — I get the sense that he’s drawing REAL kids, by their expressions and styling, because they’re anything but generic. They’re downright adorable!

In TIGER TAIL, the main character Anya wakes up on the first day of school to discover that she has grown a tail, and is faced with the familiar fear of being different when she would rather just fit in. But her encounters with her new classmates bring fun surprises, and she learns to embrace her uniqueness. The book is filled with Mike’s signature expressive, diverse characters.

Meeting Mike back in 2012 at the SCBWI New York conference

Not only is Mike a talented artist, but he’s also a straight up lovely person. We had a chance to meet at the SCBWI 2012 New York Conference, and also share the same agent, so I was thrilled when I found out that Jill Esbaum had brought him in to join the blog. Keep an eye out for posts from Mike starting in June, check out his books, and help us give him a warm welcome!

Visit him at Mikeboldt.ca



Eliza Wheeler

Eliza Wheeler is the author-illustrator of MISS MAPLE’S SEEDS (Penguin), which debuted on the New York Times Best Seller list. She also illustrated Holly Black’s Newbery Honor winning novel DOLL BONES (Simon & Schuster), Pat Zietlow Miller’s picture book WHEREVER YOU GO (Little Brown), Mara Rockliff’s picture book THE GRUDGE KEEPER (Peachtree), and Tricia Springstubb's new middle grade series CODY (Candlewick). Eliza received the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Grand Prize Award for best portfolio at the 2011 SCBWI National Conference. Eliza is a northern Wisconsin native currently living with her husband in Los Angeles, California. See her work at www.wheelerstudio.com


  1. What a great addition to the blog. Look forward to hearing what Mike has to say.

  2. Welcome, Mike! Looking forward to blog posts from you 🙂

  3. Welcome to the mix, Mike!

    Did Jill teach you the secret handshake?

  4. Welcome, Mike! Can’t wait to ‘meet’ you!

  5. Welcome Mike!!

  6. Hey, Mike! Welcome to PBB–great to have you on the crew.

    And, Eliza, we will miss you–but will continue to look forward to your books!

  7. Welcome, Mike! Love your illustrations! ♡

  8. Welcome! Your illustrations are so much fun and full of life – very inspiring for aspiring illustrators. 🙂

  9. Welcome, Mike.

  10. I love Anya and her tiger tail! Isn’t this the most adorable book ever?

  11. Congrats on all of your books, Mike! I am partial to A Tiger Tail, since my daughter is also named Anya! 🙂

  12. Hi, Mike! I just love Frog.

  13. Welcome, Mike!! Great stuff!

  14. Love these books and can’t wait to buy the latest one!

  15. Welcome Mike! Love your artwork and look forward to your blogs.

  16. Welcome, Mike! Can’t wait till you join the team….except waaahhh, Eliza. Hate losing you! We’ll definitely be asking for guest posts once in awhile.

  17. Welcome, Mike, love your books. =)

  18. Thank you everyone (and of course Eliza) for the VERY kind words! I’m really looking forward to this!

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