A timely title: I AM THE STORM

2020 has — unarguably — been a difficult year. We’ve been tossed and turned by a pandemic, a contentious presidential election, racial injustices and a variety of natural disasters. That makes I AM THE STORM, a picture book written by Jane Yolen and Heidi E.Y. Stemple and illustrated by Kristen …

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ASTRONAUT ANNIE Blasts-Off! (illustrator interview + 2 giveaways)

One week from today, March 6, ASTRONAUT ANNIE releases. After writing nonfiction for 20 years, this is my first fiction picture book. So it’s thrilling to see Annie launch into the world! It’s also fun to share my interest/background in space with readers. (Back in my engineering days I worked …

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Two books you should know by Dashka Slater

The Antlered Ship

Versatility is one of the characteristics I admire in other writers. It’s awesome when someone can do totally different genres or styles or voices equally well. If you appreciate this too, you’ll want to meet Dashka Slater. I first was introduced to Dashka’s picture books like DANGEROUSLY EVER AFTER, ESCARGOT …

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