Mini Rabbit NOT LOST by John Bond

Hello everyone! This month I’m looking forward to sharing MINI RABBIT NOT LOST, by John Bond, and the wonderful journey that we’re taken on. Today I want to talk about how John Bond is able to take capture childlike enthusiasm and the amazing adventures it can take us on.

Simply looking at the cover, we know NOT LOST (I can only hope the Mini Rabbit part will make this a series) is going to be lost despite what the title says. Chalk up another great use of the image telling us something obvious that the title is deliberately leading us astray on.

I truly love the artwork in this book. The way that Mini Rabbit is so small in the beautiful world around him is a brilliant emphasis on the “mini” part of keeping Rabbit small and innocent in our eyes. The title page (above) again helps set that tone and the idea of adventure or a journey.

The story actually starts off with Mini Rabbit and Mother Rabbit making a cake. Many of us can relate to our children or seeing children helping out an adult with baking (or building) something that normally adults do. You see their independence and confidence grow incredibly fast no matter how well they are actually doing.

And John Bond makes sure that we know exactly how much Mini Rabbit likes cake or making the cake with his mother. Again, this helps us relate or understand Mini Rabbit’s desire to complete this cake when confronted with the fact of missing a key ingredient: Berries.

Mini Rabbit’s blind enthusiasm for completing the cake takes him right past obvious solutions. I love that the berries are right below, but he’s off and the quest to find berries is on.

John then takes us on a beautiful journey across a beautiful landscape. All while following hints of berries. I think kids will love seeing those hidden berries as Mini Rabbit confident quest continues. We also see how quickly Mini Rabbit distances himself far from home.

John also uses a wonderful narrator voice to help guide us readers along the way, gently confirming what we are seeing. The way the artwork transitions on each spread and change in scenery to the next is as interesting to study as it is to search for the hidden berries.

How often have we seen kids (or even us as adults) say “no thank you” to someone who has offered to help? Well, John Bond again captures this in how he reveals that others often see our plight before we do. This book seems to be about how sometimes we have to take that journey to figure it out for ourselves – as difficult as it may be.

The ending may not be a surprise, but the journey to get there is more than enjoyable. So I would encourage you to check this one out if you get the chance.

I sure hope NOT LOST isn’t the only Mini Rabbit book that John Bond is going to do. I really enjoy this character John has created and how well he captured the enthusiasm a child can have when given the chance to help. For me, that’s the “thing” I want to really take away from this for my writing. I hope you’ll be able to find and capture that bit of life that we can all relate to and enjoy as well

Until next time!

special bonus: an extra page because I just love the little details of this book.

Mike Boldt

Mike Boldt is an author and illustrator from Alberta, Canada. With more than 18 books in the wild, he's authored titles such as A TIGER TAIL and ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT FLUFFY (Simon and Schuster). He's also the illustrator of Dev Petty's I DON'T WANT TO BE A FROG & I DON'T WANT TO BE BIG & THERE'S NOTHING TO DO (Doubleday). You can learn more about Mike at


  1. Now I want cake! Lol. And I want to get this book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the illustrations! This looks like a fantastic read. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow love the art and can’t wait to read this fun story!

  4. The art pulled me right in! Thanks for recommending this one, Mike.

  5. Thanks for featuring this book Mike. Mini Rabbit is a great character and his adventure looks so well illustrated. It’s on my list to read!

  6. Starting with the cover, this book is truily an impressive meld of story and illustration. I LOVE berries and bunnies, so how could I not love a picture book about a bunny’s berry quest?? I’ll be buying this book to share with a special little one. Thank you, Mike, for bringing it to my attention.

  7. Love, love, love.

  8. I’m in love with this book and I haven’t even read it yet!

  9. often the best things are right under our nose!

  10. All that ‘voice’ (characters and author) in such few words. #PBpower

  11. Now I must read this to make sure Mini Rabbit got home safely! Such a sweet book!

  12. I love a book where a young reader knows things the character doesn’t. Kids get animated and call out to the character, trying to help.

  13. This looks hilarious. Love the artwork as well! My favorite part is that he keeps saying, “cake, cake, cake!”

    Now I want cake…so thanks.

    More Mini Rabbit, please!

  14. What perfect melding of art and words! TY for putting this on my radar.

  15. Me want cake! gotta love Mini Rabbit’s determination to do things himself.

  16. Wow! Beautiful illustrations carry the story with the words.

  17. I love the narrator gently pointing things out. Thanks for another insightful analysis.

  18. I love books where you can really get in and explore what is going on in the illustrations. Thanks for the recommendation, Mike.

  19. Ha! Lost the purple evergreen (everpurple?) on the left title page – with EYES!

    Thanks for parsing this one out for us Mike!

  20. Such fun following mini rabbit’s BIG quest for berries! I can’t wait to see what happens!

  21. “Must have cake” — I love it! Must read this book!!

  22. Beyond adorable!

  23. Oh man!! This looks absolutely terrific!

  24. As an elementary librarian and PB author, I appreciate being shown works I may have missed otherwise. Thank you for bringing this book to my attention. I will add it to my library book order for my school.

  25. Jennifer Rumberger

    Thanks for sharing! Going on the to-read list!

  26. Aw, I love Mini-Rabbit and I love his steadfastness to cake! The illos are gorgeous!

  27. Judith Wright Aplin

    Mini rabbit is SO steadfast in his search….but my granddaughter says he’s silly, too because the berries are right there under his nose at home……

  28. I hadn’t seen this one yet, but I agree – Mini Rabbit is so adorable. I’ll be on the lookout for this one!

  29. Fun! I love the illustrations! Can’t wait to read this one!

  30. Oh Mini Rabbit is so graphic! His big eyes never blink and they enhance his determination. I love the illo of him in the boat with the lighthouse. And his handwritten type font makes him seem vulnerable. Thanks for this, Mike! Can’t wait to get it!

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