ASTRONAUT ANNIE Blasts-Off! (illustrator interview + 2 giveaways)

One week from today, March 6, ASTRONAUT ANNIE releases. After writing nonfiction for 20 years, this is my first fiction picture book. So it’s thrilling to see Annie launch into the world! It’s also fun to share my interest/background in space with readers. (Back in my engineering days I worked …

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If you’ve been watching Olympic figure skating, you know that skaters get judged on technical merit and artistic interpretation. And, as they’re skating, colored squares appear in the corner of the screen to show how well they executed the program’s required elements. A green box means the side-by-side triple axels …

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MOUSELING’S WORDS, + an interview with author Shutta Crum

If you’re longtime followers here, you may recognize this little story, because I’ve probably talked about it before. But I can remember the lightbulb moment (more like lightning!), as a little kindergartener, sitting in my small green chair, when I suddenly comprehended that letters could be put together to form …

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