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Cat just wants to be loved. ย And he is kind of a…um…control freak. When he realizes how loved the Easter Bunny is he is a little put off or jealous. With his snappish back and forth with the reader (using signs, because, really, cats don’t talk) he takes us up on the offered suggestion to be the Easter CAT. He has no idea how much work is involved but inspired by the Easter Bunny himself, he finds a unique and generous way to go about helping. This is a fun and funny read-aloud with a range of emotions. The illustrations are properly sparse with an endearing protagonist, allowing the interaction between the reader and Cat to take center stage.



This a is a gloriously illustrated story about a chicken who doesn’t lay eggs so much as spend her time observing the beauty around her. She lives among other chickens and a rooster that encourage (goad?) her into trying to lay an egg. When she tries and does, the brood are amazed. Her egg has all the colors that make up her world. A note at ย the end of the book tells us a pysanka is a Ukrainian painted egg with colors and patterns made from beeswax and dye. Paschkis’ illustrations consist of the flowing and decorative brush strokes we have loved in her work. The colors are bright and sing of spring. The bugs and the worms and the plants all are discoverable on rereads. Or as I like to do, just leaf through the pages randomly, marveling at the beautiful art. This is a fun story and a beautiful book.



This book doesn’t actually come out till April 22nd but itย This book is available NOW! and is a must read, must purchase book. It is a sweet story of unexpected friendship. When Ginger has to invite EVERY one to her birthday party, this also includes Lyla, who is different than the other girls. What Ginger expects from the others at her party and what actually happens are not quite the same thing. With the lightest touch it deals with a type of bullying that is not always apparent; the bullying of exclusion. Though not necessarily intentional, it happens, and especially in social situations. What Ginger discovers in Lyla’s modest birthday gift will touch you and make you smile. The illustrations are a lovely textured line and watercolor and digitally stripped in textures. Mann’s characters are engaging and endearing and full of personality. There is much to look at in each spread, despite the seemingly simple illustrations. This is a gorgeous book and a story that makes you feel good in a number of ways.


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  1. LOL. Oh, Kevan, this is just the best. The best. I’m going to be smiling all day. ๐Ÿ™‚ SO glad you’re part of our team.

  2. Barbara Thompson

    So clever! And so much fun! Thanks, Kevan.

  3. I love it. Also put me in a really good mood.

  4. What a fun post! Thank you!

  5. Well done! Thanks for the recommendations, BUNNIES!!! Included. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. This is fantastic, Kevan! What a treat. And of course you HAVE to include your adorable BUNNIES!

  7. This is fun and warm just like you! Lovely post with great book recommendations!

  8. Deeeeeeeeeeelightful! This post put sunshine in my heart.

  9. Delightful! This was as much fun as . . . well, reading the books you so wittily described. Well done.

  10. What an entertaining way to share about these delightful books. Thank you!

  11. Kevan–I love your art for this post, and of course, BUNNIES!!! which is perfect for Easter ๐Ÿ™‚

    Two speckled eggs was a very touching friendship story, and I adore Deborah Underwood’s Cat books–they’re so hilarious. Such great use of white space too.

    I have P. Zonka on request at the library, and can’t wait to read it. Julie Paschkis’s art is so intricate and amazing–I love it.


  12. Thank you, Kevin, for the clever way you reviewed these books! I’ve got them and yours on HOLD at the library. Your art is quite delightful!

  13. Excellent job, Kevan! I love the books you mention. My other favorite Easter book is LOOKING FOR EASTER by Dori Chaconas. It’s a lovely story of spring and giving and new life with some absolutely stellar writing. And, if you want still more titles to consider, here’s a link to a podcast discussing other spring-related children’s books: http://wkvtradio.com/gmm/curious-city-4/

  14. Wow!!! Thanks for all the positive vibes everyone! I was a little worried about adding my book in there…Not so anymore.
    These really are great books and everyone should read them!!

  15. Fun book review post! I’ll have to look for these books. Thanks!

  16. Your post is my smile for the day, Kevan!

  17. Wonderful post, Kevan. And BUNNIES!!! had to be here. I’ll have to hop out and find TWO SPECKLED EGGS. It sounds so great! I love HERE COMES THE EASTER CAT, P. ZONKA LAYS AN EGG, AND BUNNIES!!! We have the same taste in Easter books!

  18. Great post, Kevan, and excellent choices! And I agree with Penny… BUNNIES!!! had to be there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Thanks for some great ideas for what to read next! I’ve read Here Comes The Easter Cat and really liked it.

    Really enjoyed your illustrations here!

  20. You put so much into this post. We all loved it, as is obvious from the comments.

  21. Love it!

  22. It is kind of fun to mix up the blog delivery once in a while. I kind of sprung it on the team so I’m glad everyone seems to like it. I am basking in all your swell comments. Thank you, thank you!!

  23. Easter and spring; time for a new beginning. Your quirky, unique post, Kevan, is engaging and amusing. It’s like four picture books in one neat little story with captivating illustrations.

    Sending Easter and springtime wishes to you. Thank you.
    ~Suzy Leopold

  24. Like it? Looooooove it! Brilliant, uplifting, hilarious. Brought a smile to my day. Happy Easter, thank you, Kevan!

  25. Kevan thank you for providin picture book suggestions to read. Can’t wait to read your lady suggestion 2 speckled eggs.

  26. Great choices and of course, you should have Bunnies!!! So cute!!!

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