Mmmm! I Love Cake! (+ GIVEAWAY)


This week has been delicious! Not only did I LOVE CAKE! Starring Rabbit, Porcupine, and Moose, my book with Angie Rozelaar debut, but I got to celebrate the occasion with my editor, Jill Davis, and the other fine people at HarperCollins. Naturally, we had CAKE!

The entrance:


The scene:


The editor, the author and the book:



The attack:


The first signing of the book:


The editor in her element:


The first sighting on a shelf:


The trailer:

(The oh-so-yummy trailer was created by my friend and hero, Janee Trasler.)

The inspiration:

I LOVE CAKE! Starring Rabbit, Porcupine, and Moose was inspired during a spell of procrastination. On October 22, 2013, instead of plowing through revision #17224 of my latest work-in-progress, I took a quick peek at Facebook. This led to an hour of scrolling through the scenes of people’s amazing launch parties, their incredible vacations, their fancy meals, their adorable children, and their equally adorable pets.

Just when I was beginning to feel as if my life was lacking in 32 different departments, I came across a link to Jama Rattigan’s most recent blog post at her delicious website Jama’s Alphabet Soup.

On this particular day, Jama’s post featured  the work of London-based artist/designer James Ward.

Click here to see what got my attention.

Well! When I saw that first image of that big bear in his big red underpants standing in those cake crumbs, my heart started thumping. I had to write that character’s story. By the time I submitted the manuscript to my agent, I had turned that bear and his underpants into a moose who had two best friends and an affinity for fabulous sweaters.

So my writing tip for you today? PROCRASTINATE! Really. Don’t do it every day or even every other day. But, once in a while, let your mind wander away from your work. Take a little break. You never know where it will lead you.


“A lesson in sharing that goes down as easily as, well, cake.” –Kirkus


“Readers will ask for seconds of this fun title. Super for storytime or one-on-one sharing.”–School Library Journal


To celebrate the release of I Love Cake!: Starring Rabbit, Porcupine, and Moose, I’m giving away a copy of this book to one lucky duck commenter. The winner will be revealed on June 3.


Laura Zarrin gets a signed copy of There’s a Giraffe in My Soup by Ross Burach!



Tammi Sauer

Tammi Sauer, a former teacher and library media specialist, is a full-time children's book author who presents at schools and conferences across the country. She has more than 30 published picture books and has many others on the way. Her books have received awards, earned starred reviews, made lists, been made into musicals, and been translated into many different languages. Most importantly, kids really like her books! To learn more about Tammi and her books, please visit and follow her on Twitter at @SauerTammi.


  1. I would love to have me some cake! Thanks for this fabulous and SWEET give-away!

  2. Adorable book! I see that more than half the cake was soon missing. I hope you and your editor shared it with others!

  3. Well, I just want to eat this up!

  4. Who doesn’t love cake and sweater collections?

  5. LOVE cake! and moose. and porcupines…. this just looks like too fun a book to miss!

  6. I can’t wait to read this book! And how fun to celebrate your release day in New York! Congratulations!

  7. Stacy Digianantonio

    I love cake and I’m sure I’ll love this book!

  8. Love the look of anticipation on their faces!

    Cake is awesome. So is Tammi.

  9. You know I love this … and that cake looks fabulous. Please tell me it tasted as good as it looks! And also, I love that floral hoodie.

    So happy you were able to celebrate Moose and company in NYC with your fabulous publishing team in their new digs.

  10. I’m HUNGRY for this book. Congratulations, Tammy!!

  11. Congratulations on your latest book, Tammi! The children at Rodman Public Library love your books-can’t wait to order this – Janet Metzger

  12. Cake and sweaters? Moose and porcupine? Can’t wait to read this! Congratulations. I enjoyed the pics and the link.

  13. Amanda Sincavage

    Congrats and Yum! Excuse me, I have a sudden urge to bake…

  14. Oh, what fun it is to EAT CAKE. And hang in your publishers’ offices too, of course. 🙂 Can’t wait to see this one, Tammi!

  15. Thank you for the tip, Tammi–It’s okay to procrastinate once in awhile. I look forward to reading I LOVE CAKE, starring Rabbit, Porcupine and Moose.

  16. I love this and I love cake!!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I love all your books! So I can’t wait to read this one! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  18. What a great drawing to be inspired by! Looking forward to reading this one, Tammi.

  19. I don’t trust anyone who says they don’t like cake!

  20. Angie Quantrell

    I love seeing the pictures of your celebration! You have given us all hope. Now, let’s eat some cake! Congratulations!

  21. Thanks for this post on so many levels: Published authors feel like their life is lacking? They revise stories more than a thousand times? They procrastinate by going on social media? They like cake? (Well, that wasn’t a surprise). Looks like a great book and I’m looking forward to reading it!

  22. Mercy sakes alive! Isn’t this a delightful book!

  23. Yum! Looking forward to this book. Love the way it came about. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Looks SO cute! Can’t wait to get my hands on it (and cake!)

  25. This looks absolutely scrumptious! And I love that it all began over at Jama’s, one of my favorite bloggers. Congratulations, Tammi–and here’s to procrastination!

    (P.S. I loved seeing the Harper offices, too. But does your lovely editor have a name? Or did she prefer to be anonymous? Or did I miss it?)

  26. Okay, the trailer definitely left me wanting more!

  27. The cake looks delicious and so does your book! Thanks for the link to Jama’s blog – it looks like a great place for inspiring procrastination!

  28. Great story! I love James’s work! I also love cake and Tammi Sauer books!

  29. Reading about your inspiration for I LOVE CAKE filled me with revelation and motivation to look at the art and blog pages I visit in a new way. I love reading new Tammi Sauer books – so I’m also filled with anticipation! 🙂

  30. I love Jama’s site too–it is delicious & how wonderful to hear that it inspired this book! I love the photos you shared & the illustrations are sweet & funny. Looking forward to reading it! Congrats, Tammi!! 🙂

  31. Cake and procrastinating??!! Sign me up 🙂

  32. I LOVE CAKE! And I love Tammi Sauer, too. Congratulations! This one looks positively delicious.

  33. Congratulations! (I have yet to get inspiration from FB. Let me give Instagram a go for an hour or ten….)

  34. A new book by Tami! What could be sweeter?

    P.S. I have ninja procrastination skills. I’m sure that means I’ll be published even sooner than I think!

  35. I Love Cake too, and I can’t wait to see this book. Thanks Tammi, and Congratulations!!

  36. Beth Gallagher

    Congratulations! My girls and I love your books, and I’m a hoarder of wonderful picture books so cannot wait to get my mitts on this one! 🙂

  37. Jennifer Estes

    Sweet! Congratulations on another delicious book! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into this one! The inspiration story is terrific. Three cheers for well-timed procrastination!

  38. Yum! A book I’d like to sink my teeth into! Congratulations!

  39. I appreciated hearing about what inspired you to write I LOVE CAKE. Creative procrastination in small doses looks like it pays off! Thanks for sharing and congratulations.

  40. What a fun book! And, was that NYC?! Lucky you! Do you get to go there with every book launch?

    • Oh, I WISH! I’ve been published for ten years and last week was the first time I was in a publishing house. 🙂

      I ended up going to three during my quick trip to NYC: HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and Sterling. So amazing!!!

  41. Congratulations to you! What a SUPER fun book and perfect title. Now….how about a slice of that yummy cake!! 🙂

  42. Congratulations on your cake! I, too, love Jama’s blog – so many tasty gems can be found there. I was going to go back to work, but now I think I will procrastinate on Facebook…I now have permission. 😉

  43. Noelle McBride

    Oh I can’t wait to see this book! I have quite a collection of sweaters as well. I grew up in Ohio and am very conditioned to buy sweaters in the winter! Unfortunately, I don’t get many chances to wear them here in Texas, where I’ve lived for over 30 years…. I think I’ll have some cake while I ponder why I can’t seem to change this mindset.

  44. Cool–looks like a really fun book with great art–can’t wait to read it!

  45. Kathy Mazurowski

    I love your process, Tammie. Can’t wait to read this book. Jama’s blog and Facebook posts inspire me, but not a PB ms YET! Thanks!

  46. SWEET! The title makes me hungry!

  47. I love cake and can’t wait to read this new book!

  48. How delicious! Tammi, I love your work and can’t wait to read this latest book 🙂

  49. Heather Elizabeth

    I love cake too! Yummy book!

  50. Cake (and your book) are some of my favs! Congratulations!

  51. Must. Have. Cake! Congratulations, Tammi! So happy for you!

  52. Mary McClellan

    Cake and Procrastination — sounds like a vacation to me! Congrats, Tammi!!

  53. Valarie Giogas

    Can’t wait to read another Tammi Sauer great! Thanks for sharing the back story of it as well.


  54. Hi Tammi! I love your inspiration for this PB. I discover many of my ideas through animal posts. I look forward to reading I LOVE CAKE!

  55. Another yummy read! Can’t wait to dig into CAKE! 🙂 Huge congrats!

  56. What a most delicious book! Congrats, Tammi! Can’t wait to get a nibble of this book in person.

  57. Ashley Bankhead

    I LOVE CAKE! I also love books, and I need to try this one. It looks like it has all the right flavors.

  58. Natalie Lynn Tanner

    TAMMI: I LOVE your advice to procrastinate every so often, in order to look around and find even more inspiration. LOVE IT!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  59. Congratulations Tammi – Can’t wait to read your book!

  60. I’m not a big cake fan, but I can’t wait to read this book. Tammi, you’re always spot on!
    Thanks for another treat!

  61. How very cool that you got to celebrate with your Editor!

  62. Barbara Kupetz

    Cake? I love cake and great stories like this one. Yum!

  63. Fun photos! Thanks for sharing!

  64. Congrats, Tammi! I always take your advice to heart 🙂

  65. Perfect music in the trailer. I can’t wait to read it.

  66. Looks like a fun book. I will be looking for it!

  67. YUM! *

    * The book, the HC visit. your editor, and.. The cake.

  68. Super fun… Totally agree about letting the mind wander. New coffee shops and writing locales help as well, along with “artist dates.” I’ve received so many ideas this way!

  69. Congrats, Tammi. Fun post.

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