The Rabbit Listened

After a recent stay in the hospital a friend brought me dinner and a book. The dinner was tailored to my current gastro-intestinal needs, and the book seemed tailored to my current life and heart needs.

The book, THE RABBIT LISTENED, by Cori Doerrfeld, is quiet and powerful. It is the story of Taylor, a young boy who, with his building blocks builds something new, and special and amazing. While he is admiring his architectural wonder, a murder of crows fly through it, scattering the pieces like an explosion.
Taylor is devastated and becomes very sad. He sits on the floor quietly, his arms around his knees. When a chicken finds Taylor and the scattering of his work, he wants to “talk, talk, talk about it,” but Tailor doesn’t feel like talking and the chicken leaves.
A bear ambles by and wants Taylor to get mad and shout about what has happened. But Taylor doesn’t feel like shouting and the bear moves on. Other animals come by and want Taylor to laugh, or remember “exactly the way things were,” or pretend nothing happened. One animal even suggests that Taylor go knock somebody else’s building down. But Taylor didn’t feel like doing any of those things. Instead, he sat there alone.
A rabbit moves into the scene and gets closer and closer till he is curled up quietly next to Taylor. After a while, Taylor begins to talk and the rabbit listens.

Taylor shouts and tries to remember the way it, was and laughs and the rabbit listens. Taylor talks about hiding or throwing everything away or even wrecking things for someone else and the rabbit never leaves. It just listens quietly as Taylor goes through all his feelings.
This is a wonderful story about loss, stages of grief, and starting over. It is also deals with how to deal with a sad friend. But it is not a sad story. Instead, it is a charming and moving and hopeful story.
Doerrfeld’s illustrations are simple line and fill with little or no background. But the strength of her characters keep us focused on exactly what we are supposed to be focused on, Taylor and his struggle with what has happened.
A beautiful book.

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  1. This is one of my favorite recent books. Just wonderful.

  2. We recently added this book to our public library collection, and I featured it on our library Facebook page because I love it so!

  3. This does sound wonderful! I can’t wait to check it out. Sending you a virtual hug, because it sure sounds like you need one, Kevan.

  4. Can’t wait to read this book! It sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This book is a gem. Hope you’re feeling better, Kevan!

  6. Beautiful. I’m adding this to my library right away.

    Well wishes to you, Kevan.

  7. I love this book!

  8. This book sounds wonderful. Just you summary of it gives me feelings of comfort. I am definitely going to check it out.

  9. Well, here’s another one I need to own! Thank you, Kevan and I hope you’re feeling better.

  10. Jacquelyn Brimley

    This sounds like a book I’d definitely enjoy. A simple story with a strong.

  11. I just read this book and LOVED it! I can see why there’s been so much buzz about it and it is well-deserved. Thanks for posting!

  12. Thanks for this, Kevan. Looks like such a smart and sensitive little charmer.

  13. Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t seen this one. It’s on order and I’m sure to love it.

  14. I am not always the biggest champion of quiet books and I truly, truly LOVED this book. So well-done.

  15. This is one special and tender book. So true to life for all of us.

  16. Charlotte Offsay

    What a beautiful story line.

  17. Thank you, Kevan! This charmer is just what the doctor ordered. I will definitely put a hold on this book.

  18. I just read this one recently and loved it! Thanks for sharing!

  19. This is a beautiful book. One of my favorites!

  20. Wow. A powerful message, delivered simply and beautifully. So well done. Thanks, Kevan.

  21. Sweet book! Hope it made you feel better, Kevan!

  22. Love the concept and illustrations! I just requested The Rabbit Listened from my library.

  23. Wow! This book sounds like a keeper! Thanks for sharing with us!

  24. I fell in love with this gentle reminder that there are times when what we really need is someone to just listen. And other times, when we need to be ready and willing to be that listener. As you said, Kevan, Doerrfeld captured this beautifully.

  25. It is such a wonderful book. So many things to think about as you reread it, too.

  26. Thanks for sharing this one, Kevan. I’ve been hearing things about it so it was nice to have this insight.

  27. Thanks so much for showcasing this special book!

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