Bob, Not Bob! To be read as though you have the worst cold ever

To be read as though you have the worst cold ever:

Bob, Not Bob! written by Liz Garton Scanlon & Audrey Vernick is illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators, Matthew Cordell.

The premise is that poor Little Louie has the worst cold ever.

“Today, Little Louie’s nose was clogged.

His ears crackled and his brain felt full. (He didn’t know of what.)

But mostly, his nose. It was disgusting.”

Little Louie is beyond miserable. And so he calls his mom, she’ll make him feel better! But when he calls “Mom” “with his weird, all-wrong, stuffed-up voice”, it comes out as “Bob!” and in leaps Little Louie’s big, slobbery dog, “Bob”. This scenario is repeated time and time again as poor Little Louie becomes more frustrated by his inability to communicate, his drooling pet, and his lack of Mom-healing attention.

You can read that the wording is spot on hilarious. Full of little kid drama and misery, we become totally captivated by Litlle Louie’s worsening tragedy. He tries to tell his sister that he is hot and sweaty, but it comes out “Hotten Smetty”, to which his sister asks him, “Who’s Hotten Smetty?”




Oh my gosh, I’m Lol-ing now. So the text is funny enough, but this is where a brilliant illustrator takes a picture book to a whole other level. Matthew Cordell’s whimsical style is Quentin Blake-esque in their loose simplicity and the genius is being able to draw like that and yet inject so much character and ‘other part of the story’ into each expression and gesture. Cordell’s Little Louie flops this way and that, drool drips from Bob’s ball chomping mouth, and Mom runs about in all her chaotic Mom-ness. But my favorite little touch is that when Louie calls his “Mom” the text has a heart shape for the inside of the ‘o’ and when he refers to Bob the dog, the inside of the ‘o’ is oval. LOOOOOOOOVe this! Such a brilliantly subtle way to differentiate between the two.

Applause, applause!

Talk about a fantastic read aloud? I was reading it aloud in my head trying to do my best stuffed nose rendition.

And, if you have a cold? Well, definitely pick up this book for story time!!!!

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Jennifer Black Reinhardt

Jennifer is the illustrator and author of several acclaimed picture books. Most recently is Always by My Side, 'A Stuffie Story', which she wrote and illustrated. She also is both the author and illustrator of Playing Possum, and Blue Ethel. Jennifer illustrated Gondra’s Treasure, written by Newbery award winner Linda Sue Park. As well as, Sometimes You Fly, by Newbery medalist, Katherine Applegate. She illustrated Yaks Yak, Animal Word Pairs by Linda Sue Park, The Inventor's Secret, What Thomas Edison Told Henry Ford, by Suzanne Slade, Rabbi Benjamin's Buttons, by Alice B. McGinty, and The Adventures of a South Pole Pig, by Chris Kurtz.


  1. Lisa Lehmuller

    This book would get a real workout during our long New England winters and nasty allergy season.

  2. Lindsay Hanson Metcalf

    My kids looooove this book. Occasionally someone will just say the title and we giggle.

  3. We read this one multiple times. Definitely a “10” on read aloud quality, humor and heart.

  4. This book is so much fun. Thanks for the post!

  5. I love this one, too! I held my nose as I read. 🙂

  6. Wow! So clever!

  7. This was a fun one to read! Thanks for sharing it on your post today!

  8. Loved this clever book! So fun to read! Thank you for sharing it.

  9. I’m adding this one to my wish list!

  10. It’s such a funny book, Jennifer. And Matthew Cordell is one of my favorite illustrators too! 🙂

  11. What a fun book to read aloud to my two 6 year old granddaughters! I can hear their giggles already! Thanks!

  12. How fun this would be to read to a preschool class!

  13. I love this book. Such a universal problem and misunderstanding that leads to belly laughing and giggles. I wish I had written it.

    • You’re right, Cassie! And it’s funny in a lot of different ways. As an adult reading it, the overwhelming drama of everything being wrong in Little Louie’s world because he didn’t feel well was very relatable and humorous, too. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  14. This is such a fun book! Kids will relate!

  15. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and post about Bob, Jennifer. And we definitely have one thing in common–I am a big fan of Matthew Cordell too!

    • Hi Audrey! So nice of you to take the time to comment. We have two things in common; we are Matthew Cordell fans, and we love and adore this hilarious picture book! Congratulations on such a fantastic book! I’m glad you got to read the love many of our readers had to share 🙂

  16. This looks hilarious, Jennifer. Can’t wait to check it out! 🙂

  17. My head felt heavy just reading your excerpt! Love the humor and art!

  18. Your review made me laugh – can’t wait to read Bob, not Bob!

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